Higher Creative Noesis Shine!

Ενημέρωση – Προβολή – Εμπόριο


Communication and advertising hold a special role in our everyday business routine. Providing a wide variety of digital and print commercial service for business and industries, the successful result of your campaign is guaranteed.


Your needs are on top priority. “Helconet Solutions” stands by you every step of your professional road. We own the brains and expertise to plan and develop for you the ideal marketing strategy.


your brand name gets further promoted, while thousands of customers overseas become familiar with your products and services through our digital multistore platform, “BuyBazaar.eu”.

Ηλεκτρονική Πύλη Ενημέρωσης

Από το 2008 η “Mynima-Hellas.com” βρίσκεται στις επάλξεις της εγχώριας και διεθνούς Ενημέρωσης, καταγράφοντας την Πολιτική, Οικονομική & Κοινωνική επικαιρότητα με ταχύτητα και ακρίβεια.

Υπηρεσίες Ανάλυσης Δεδομένων

Our aim is the development of a big data scale analysis framework to support customized and personalized websites/social networks/forums etc environments of the private and public sector


HCNS” means “Higher Creative Noesis Shine

What connects Information, Education, Trade and Technology? Human spiritual stimulation. The Intellect. When the greatness of Mind meets Progress and Inspiration, then shall real Freedom dominate.

Reliable service provision requires suitably qualified associates.

“Helconet’s” potential includes representatives from the field of Social and Political Science and Communication, specialized professionals from the field of Technology and New Media, distinguished scientists and academics of Greek universities, as well as people active in Business and Trade.


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